Undergraduate Course Projects

Undergraduate Course Projects

Projects (Computer Science) - Under Graduate course work

1. Self-Service Portal for Mobile Application development (RMADP)

Description: A rapid mobile application development platform where users can drag and drop components into a mobile screen on the portal and build a complete android/ios application.

Technology Stack: HTML, CSS, JS, Vue.js for View layer, which is hosted on an Apache server. STS server for controller layer. MySQL for model layer. Node.js and bash scripts for build server layer.

Demo Video:

Presentation: pdf

Report: pdf

Team Members: Shourya Pratap Singh, Sneha Agarwal, Harshit Anand, Sneha Reddy

2. IOYou - Debt Manager

Description: An android application that could act as a debt manager.

Course: DBMS

Technology Stack: Android and SQLite for front end, PHP and MySQL for backend.

Presentation: ppt

Repo: IOYou

Team Members: Vedant Chakravarthy

My Contribution: Built and hosted the backend system. Made the SQLite connection in android. Also wrote the sync functionality.

3. Symphonia - Sync your music

Description: A synchronous music player for everyone. Music listeners encounter the problem that the volume of any individual device they own is often too low. Although the combined volume that can be obtained on all the devices available is adequate for their needs, this is under utilized due to a lack of the ability to play the music synchronously across all the devices.

Course: Software Engineering

Technology Stack: Android

Presentation: pdf

Repo: Symphonia

Team Members: Anirudh Badri, Hari Prasath, Vedant Chakravarthy

My Contribution: Made the basic music player in android. Worked on formulating a custom protocol for synchronized playing and implemented parts of it.

4. Internet TV/radio - a collge wide multicast

Description: An Internet TV/radio application that uses any source multicast (ASM). The first part of this project focuses on socket programming and the next part on making a GUI for the player. We used cvlc/ffplay for playing the received music and for GUI.

Course: Computer Networks

Technology Stack: C

Report: pdf

Repo: InternetRadio/TV

Team Members: Siddhart Mitra, Sridhar R Ramanujam, Vedant Chakravarthy

My Contribution: Worked on serializing and sending a multimedia stream.

5. US-Pollution data analysis and visualization

Description: A complete cleaning and visualization of us-pollution data.

Course: Data mining and warehousing

Technology Stack: R, Shiny

Report: pdf

Repo: US_Pollution_data_analysis

Data Source: https://aqs.epa.gov/aqsweb/documents/data_mart_welcome.html

Demo: live_demo

Team Members: Atish Majumdar, Vishal Gauba

My Contribution: Made functions in R to read cleaned data and visualize (choropleth, donut chart) the data. Also hosted the shiny app in shiny-apps.io.

6. CatNap - Sleep Analyzer

Description: This project lies in the domain of smart homes, as it monitors disturbances in light and sound while one is sleeping and provides relevant information. When sound increases, the system’s volume of white noise also increases aiding in one’s sleep as validated by many research communities. This works best with bluetooth earphones.

Course: Wireless Sensor Networks

Technology Stack: Arduino code (C++) for getting values from sensors and processing for GUI. Python for analyzing and plotting the received data.

Report: pdf

Repo: CatNap

Team Members: Atish Majumdar, Vedant Chakravarthy

My Contribution: Wrote arduino code for reading the sensor values (LDR and Sound Sensor). Wrote a python script for plotting the received data from sensors.

7. SNU-Dashboard

Description: An online portal where users can know all the happenings around Shiv Nadar University. Club activities to cab pool and lost and found all at this one place.

Technology Stack: HTML, CSS, AngularJS for front end. MongoDB as our database. Node.js for backend server.


Demo: link

Team Members: Hari Prasath, Vedant Chakravarthy, Vishal Gauba

My Contribution: Worked on part of the frontend application. Set up and hosted Mongo DB database instance for the forums (backend application). Customized nodebb forum to suite our theme.

8. Bookbuy Website

Description: An e-commerce website for selling and buying books.

Technology Stack: HTML, CSS, AngularJS for front end. MySQL as our database. PHP for backend server.

Demo: link

Team Members: Pranjal Mathur, Prerna, Pulkit Gupta.

My Contribution: Worked on the frontend (HTML, CSS, AngularJS) for the application.

Prasanna Natarajan
Grad Student (MS CS)